I’ve long been fascinated by Native American stories. More precisely, by Native American history and literature and the effective, vigorous personal narratives that emerge as a result of that history.

But, as I realized when I first began reading true Native American stories (read: those written, performed, and authored by…

I think about privilege a lot. Different types of privilege.

And I hope that this is not solely because I am an individual who lives in, has to thrive in, and grew up in a world where, in order to succeed, I had to be aware of my own lack…

1. Start with reading just one news article from an actual (read: substantial, verified) source every morning at breakfast.

And no, I’m not talking about some meaningless, vapid, stupid Facebook article that your grandmother felt compelled to share over and over with you. I am not talking about a cheesey, corny, “motivational quote” or a truly awful “inspirational” cat poster.

I am not even talking here about famous literary…

Molly Carter

Writer. Blogger. Iced coffee addict. Doughnut enthusiast. Lover of good stories.

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